Saturday, 27 November 2010

Switch On!!!!

Very proud of my little man tonight, first he judged the elf competition with the Mayoress of Mirfield, then Harry got to ride in Santa's sleigh with the winner into Mirfield. Harry gave a great speech then switched on the Mirfield Christmas lights. As his mum I was so very proud of him. All his family & friends turned up in support of Harry to watch his big moment.
Harry got very cold, very quickly which made him feel a little ill, so thankfully his Great Grandad gave him a lift home to defrost!!!
Well done Harry you did so well & we are all very proud of you as I know Sir Patrick Stewart will be for turning on the Christmas lights on his behalf.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Harry had a heart scan today & the cardiologist said all looks well but due to his shortness of breath & heart palpatations after excercise & when in bed just as he falls asleep she has referred Harry for a 24 hour heart monitor to be worn & Treadmill heart test too. Taking Harry to have a fasting blood test on Friday to check his blood lipids also.

Harry started back at hydrotherapy today & really enjoyed it, he loves being in the warm water so much and can move freely without discomfort.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Hospital appointments/visits

Harry's DEXA scan results came back as normal which Im so happy about, its shows that Harry's bone density is ok at this time. He has a Trans Echo Cardiogram coming up along with an appointment for a hand splint to help ease the pain in his wrists and keep them supported in the correct position.

Also Harry has to have ...further x-rays taken of his bones and also a Fasting blood test to look at his blood lipids,. Will make an appointment to arrange for a prescription of Emla cream to numb Harry's skin before the blood text otherwise he will not give his consent for a blood test as his skin is so sensitive that injections are really painful for him.