Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Olympic Torch Relay...

Wow what an incredibly emotional day that was, watching Harry carry the Olympic Torch through Wakefield. To hear 100's of people who have turned out to line the streets chanting and shouting "Harry, Harry, Harry" is something I will never ever forget and we'd like to take this moment to thank everyone of his family, friends and complete strangers who turned out to cheer Harry on. In the evening, we drove to Sheffield for the evening celebration where Harry appeared on BBC Look North alongside another torch bearer, Simon Brown and soldier wounded by an Afghan sniper. What an inspirational man Simon is & thank you Simon for being so great with Harry and sharing your story with him.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Almost here...

Harry's Moment to Shine is almost here. He is very excited for Monday 25th June and will be running with his Olympic torch from Bond Street to Wood Street in Wakefield. He will also be appearing on a special show from Sheffield with BBC Look North at 7pm following his relay.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Inspirational People...

Harry attended a press call today at a school in Wakefield, where he met some of his fellow Olympic Torch bearers. It was an honour for me to be in a room with such inspirational people. Harry was the only child amongst the adults and I was so proud of him, dealing with the photographers, media etc. That's my boy :) xx

Friday, 8 June 2012

Radio Star!!

Thank you to BBC Radio Leeds who invited Harry on Thursday 7th June to a chat about carrying the Olympic Torch. Harry was confident in his interview and enjoys talking on the radio! Jake Yapp the presenter was very funny and put Harry at ease straight away. We then had a meeting with a producer from BBC Look North about filming on being a torch bearer. More details to follow. Very exciting... Well done Harry you did fantastic as always xx

Saturday, 2 June 2012

An Interview with Harry.

IINTERVIIEW WIITH HARRY CROWTHER We are all really proud of the fact that our own Harry Crowther (8LTT) has been chosen to carry the Olympic Torch during the relay currently taking place around the UK. Mr Pugh interviewed Harry recently about this incredible experience....

Mr Pugh: How do you feel about taking part in the torch relay now?

Harry: I’m excited but nervous about everyone watching.

Mr Pugh: What exactly will you be doing on the day?

Harry: Running with the torch, over a distance of 300 metres, through an area of Wakefield between 10.38 and 11.49 on the morning of Monday 25 June.

Mr Pugh: What training have you been doing?

Harry: I’ve been doing some 300 metre running training during PE lessons.

Mr Pugh: Do you have to wear anything special on the big day? Perhaps your Castle Hall blazer with your top button done up, and your shirt tucked in (!)?

Harry: The 2012 team provide a white track suit with gold trim for each runner.

Mr Pugh: Do you get to keep the torch after the event?

Harry: There are 8000 individual torches and I plan to raise money to keep my own. My form (8LTT) have agreed to help me raise the £200 by running a sponsored relay on the field carrying a replica torch and holding a sponsored silence - both before the half term break.

Mr Pugh: How many people can go to watch you in Wakefield?

Harry: I will probably travel with my family. Mr Parsons is hoping to organize a coach to allow a representative number of students and staff to attend.

On behalf of everyone at Castle Hall, well done and good luck to Harry! We hope – on the day - that all Castle Hall Academy students will be able to watch Harry live on the website from classrooms.