Monday, 25 July 2011

Scout Camp

Harry has been on Scout camp since Friday evening & Ive just received a post on my FB which I thought Id share, which sums up the fun Harry must be having.

"Well.. Harry slept under the stars in a Bivvy, which they made themselves out of trees, sticks and leaves, enjoyed a full cooked breakfast made by themselves, enjoyed loads of wide games, chopped wood the keep the fire burning, went on the water slide, had a lovely chicken casserole for tea and spent the evening doing lots of boy things. I wonder which of you had the most fun ?. As you might be able to tell, Harry and the scouts are having a great time. I think they will all come home happy but very tired, afterall it is soooooo tiring having fun!!"

Thank you to Jo (also a Scout Mummy) for sharing this with me.

Missing Harry so much but know he is having amazing time. He is home on Tuesday and then on Friday we fly to visit Hayley Okines and her family for a long weekend, which we are both so excited about..... More to follow