Monday, 10 January 2011


Its been a while since I last posted, so here's an update. Harry's had 24 hour tapes fitted to his chest to monitor his heart. He also has an ECG Treadmill coming up again to monitor his heart. Will pos results once known.

X Ray results came back as expected showing the de generation of his bones in his hands, feet and collar bones. His x-ray of his jaw showed that the findings were classical of a child with 'PROGERIA'. Small, over crowded etc.

Hoping to hear some news from DR Wilson at Great Ormond Street Hospital to see if Harry will be eligible for the trials in Marseille. I really hope so. Children with Classical Progeria are seeing great results and I wish this for Harry also.

Harry is continuing with his hydrotherapy (when the pool's not shut that is) Also awaitng an appointment for his right hand splint. He doesnt like wearing his left hand splint as it gets itchy and makes his hand sweaty but Harry knows its there to support his hand.

Happy New Year and thank you for continuing to support Harry