Sunday, 10 July 2016

Learning to Drive! and other stuff

Harry is currently learning to drive, to obtain his drivers license and gain some independence. His friend Michiel from Belgium has recently passed his test, so many congratulations from us all Michiel.

Harry is learning in a car with automatic gears, this is due to ease of driving because of limited movement in some of Harry's joints. This month he will be sitting his theory test and once he has passed this we can concentrate on getting him ready to pass the practical test, then it's out onto the open road and the driving adventures that follow.

Not much more to add other than it has been a quiet year for Harry, he's finished his exams in his first year at sixth form and we will know in August if he has passed them.
His dog Zeus is now 14 months old and bringing so much joy into all our lives, he and Harry really are the best of buddies.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Transition from children's services to adult services!

First part of Harry's transition into adult services commenced today. We met his new consultant rheumatologist and consultant paediatrician. Lots of X rays done to check on the progression of his degenerative arthritis. Referral made back to see a physiotherapist, adult field of course
smile emoticon
Feeling confident that the transition will go smoothly with the other healthcare professionals too.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Happy Birthday Harry!

Today Harry has reached another milestone and celebrated his 17th birthday.
Happy Birthday little man xxx

Thank you

A Huge thank you to Martine & the team at Borg Warner turbosystems, Bradford, who have raised £1750.00 for Progeria UK. Thank you also to Sue Ibberson for nominating Harry