Sunday, 3 January 2010

Back to School

Harry is back at school on Tues 5th Jan 2010 after the Christmas & New Year break. He's looking forward to seeing his classmates again but not to wearing his shoes which have been fitted with Orthotic insoles to help re-align how he stands and hopefully ease the pain in his legs. However the insoles hurt him so will see how he goes then maybe arrange for him to have some sponge put in his shoes too so the insoles dont rub him. Also will hopefully here about the results from his x-rays on his neck & spine to see why he has some sore tender points at the base of his neck.

Harry also starts his hydrotherapy sessions again which he loves. The warm water and gentle exercise is so good for him. Even though his legs ache afterwards I explain its all helping. Harry had a heart scan on 23rd December 09 and Im pleased to say its all healthy and they will see us again a year from now.

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