Monday, 15 March 2010

Games Lesson

The Pre-School in which I work is next to the playing fields of Harry's school.
Monday afternoons is Games. I watched as Harry joined his classmates for a game of Tag rugby. This is where you have a belt with two tags attached and play with a rugby ball. The idea is to pull off the tags on the opposing team. A much safer way to play rugby....

It has been a cold day today and I watched as Harry played in his oversized bright red games jumper which first belonged to his sister then his brother. I cant imagine it ever fitting Harry & as he leaves Junior school in July I dont suppose I'll ever find out.

Harry had forgot to put on his gloves and I could see the sleeves of the red jumper hanging over his hands. Harry has Raynauds disease and I watched as he kept on blowing on his fingers and rubbing his hands together to try and keep them warm and to keep the circulation moving.

Harry stood for a while and I obsereved him rolling his neck & shoulders which I new were beginning to ache. I watched as he walked slower and limped slightly as his legs began to ache. Yet he still carried on smiling and enjoying the games lesson.

I watched with admiration as a friend of his fell and Harry rushed over to support his crying friend whilst still blowing on his hands to keep them warm.

I watched as he went over to his games teacher and I obsereved her touch him gently on his back to reassure him it was ok for him to go in as his hands were cold & painfull and his legs, neck & shoulders were aching. She gently removed the tags from his belt and I watched as Harry limped indoors.

This for me today has been yet another reminder of Harry's condition and how it effects his everyday life. He loves Games & PE and will join in till his body tells him otherwise. He makes no fuss as he asks the teacher if he can sit out. He is my very brave 11 year old with a premature aging disorder that he just copes with and puts up with and for that I have so much love and admiration for him.

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  1. Thats out Harry to a tee....just gets on with being a boy and ignores his old man body....love him..xxx