Sunday, 16 May 2010

Harry's Facebook group

I have been really touched by all the lovely, positive comments that have been left on Harry's facebook group page from kind people from all over the world.

Below Ive added just a few to share on this blog.

Well Harry, yesterday i had my GCSE French Speaking Exam! and guess who's story was stuck on the wall, straight in front of me, yours! Gosh did it make me smile seeing you on your skateboard, happy as ever! I was so close to giving up but just seeing your brave face up there inspired me too carry on trying and get the ...best grade i possibly could! You change so many people's lives and inspire each and everyone of us, So thanks Harry, without you i couldn't have got that grade A! xxxxxx

Hi Harry, just wanted to let you know you are always being thought of (all the way in NYC). You are an inspiration to so many regardless of only being here in this world for such a short period. May God always shine his light upon you. Keep that smile on your face always, it lights up the world :)

Hello Harry you are very special to the world! I see that you are a strong and brave boy has hope that God will show the masters of medicine to cure you remain so strong and brave taught every day all over the world and the value of life! God bless! Kisses my angel

You have teach me a lot today and I want to say Thank you. Im an Acrobat, I have been in pain and frustration because of my back... God put you in my way, I know it!! You are very brave, enjoy every second of your life Harry! I really wish you the best and you are in my thoughts...Big Hug and kiss for you.

There are so many more inspiring message likes these that I find totally amazing and heart warming. To read more check out Harry's page at

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