Friday, 13 August 2010

UK Progeria Reunion - Ashford Kent 2010

Harry had a wonderful time at the first UK Progeria reunion. He is now part of a very special family & has been welcomed with open arms. Harry has made many special friends from all across europe. Children see no language barriers, they see only friendship with a smile, a hug & a kiss.
Progeria children take your breath away with their warmth,zest for life & most importantly their love.

Thank you so, so much to all of you who donated to Hayleys Hope. This is the first of many reunions for Harry now & to see him playing with children like him has been inspiring to me as his very proud mummy. X x

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  1. Thank you for coming! It wouldn't be much good without the families, would it? i am so glad that Harry enjoyed it. I think the only time that he wasn't smiling was when Wim clocked him with the frisbee!
    I'm sorry that the week ended with a bit of a bitter taste. It is a very emotional time especially nearer the end of the week.
    Roll on the next one!
    Mark X