Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Transition from children's services to adult services!

First part of Harry's transition into adult services commenced today. We met his new consultant rheumatologist and consultant paediatrician. Lots of X rays done to check on the progression of his degenerative arthritis. Referral made back to see a physiotherapist, adult field of course
smile emoticon
Feeling confident that the transition will go smoothly with the other healthcare professionals too.


  1. Hi there, I am a genetic counselor and am presenting at a regional conference on Atypical Progeria Syndrome. I would like to use one of Harry's photos on a poster presentation to educate clinicians. Please let me know if Harry would be okay with me using his photo and if he would want any links associated with his photo. Thank you, Kathryn Curry

  2. Hi Kathryn.
    Thank you for your email and please feel free to use Harry's photo in your presentation.

    A link to your poster would also be nice to to see. Many thanks
    Sharron & Harry