Friday, 8 October 2010

Harry OT update

Harry's visit with the Occupational Therapist went well, she's been into school too, to check heights of tables etc for Harry.

Harry will benefit from leg supports on the chairs he uses in classes, these are fitted to the legs of the chair for Harry to rest his feet on to keep his feet flat,
I believe there are 4 other students in the school that also require them,
also a foam support for his back to keep him in the correct posture when working. The OT also talked about Harry having hand splints which would be used at home. Due to Harry's Progeria & the arthritis and limited movement in his hands wrists, Harry's hands are almost continually curved he never straightens them to the correct position so the hand splints will help with this.

He is continuing to enjoy High School & has had no problems with teasing, infact his fellow students have taken hin under their wing and for that I am extremeley greatful.

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