Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Harry has been to see two very nice doctors today, a Rheumatologist and a Paediatrician who specialises in childrens pain management. Harry has been diagnosed with arthritis in his elbows, toes, fingers,Knees, he also has had his hips x ray'd as they suspect he has it there too due to the pain and limited movement on rotation inwards, this may explain his continuous leg pain.
The x rays from Dec 09 on his spine and neck show the bones in his neck have some degeneration in them. I was shown the x ray and its not nice to see the bones in your little boys neck crumbling which is the best way I can describe what I saw. Thankfully they assure me its nothing to worry about and is what they would expect to see in someone like Harry who has an premature aging disorder.
I was very brave and didnt cry in front of Harry... I must stay positive, he's walking, talking, happy and loves life and I have to remember this but the word Arthritis makes me imagine an elderly person not my happy 11 year old boy.
So from here its keep up his exercise and his hydrotherapy to keep his muscles strong and to take 1/2 a paracetamol 4 times a day or ibuprofen 3 times a day depending on his pain discomfort. I dont like the idea of Harry taking pain relief everyday but it beats him being in pain and discomfort for everyday.. The Rheumatologist will see Harry again in Sept..

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