Friday, 23 April 2010

The media world

Well today has been so eventful... What started with an article in a local paper about Harry's genetic disorder has turned into him being in papers from as far as Australia, Spain, Italy, USA and our British papers too


We have even had calls from Magazines, radio & tv shows....

This I know is a good thing as it is helping raise awareness for Harry disorder but its just been a crazy, buzy day and my phone has not stopped ringing.....

and aslong as it highlights APS and the amazing work that Great Ormond Street Hospital do, then Im happy...

Thank you also to Great Ormond Street Hospital, First Choice Holidays, Pirates International and the Novotel, Birmingham for the weeks holiday Harry & I are going on a week from today....
One word sums it up perfectly


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  2. Hi Sharron,
    thanks for sharing Harry's story on here, he's such a positive, inspirational young boy!
    I first read about him in a newspaper article and it really is great that all of this news coverage is helping people to learn more about APS - I myself didn't know much about it before now.
    Have you heard about Post Pals before? It's a really great organisation where volunteers (like myself) send happy post to poorly children to make them smile - maybe Harry would like to join? Their website is www.postpals.co.uk
    Take care!
    Emma :)