Saturday, 10 April 2010

School Blazer

Took Harry to the uniform shop for his blazer for high school.. The smallest one they had for Castle Hall was a 30' which swamped Harry. He tried on another school blazer which was a 28' the smallest blazer they do in the shop..... This also swamped Harry... They informed me they dont make them any smaller. Hopefully they can order me a 28' but the orders have already gone in.... Fingers crossed they can get one and we will have to turn to Grandma to take up the sleeves and nip it in at the waist... The major problem being is the shoulder pads they insit on putting in blazers... and as Harry has very tiny collar bones and is very narrow across his shoulders and back the blazers look odd on him.. On a lighter note it was lovely to see him in a blazer and he did look very smart..

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