Sunday, 18 April 2010

Brimham Rocks

Took Harry, big brother Jack, myself & his daddy to Brimham rocks today. Harry had some pain in his groin area to begin with so gave him some pain relief and off we set. Brimham rocks is a natural area of beauty in North Yorkshire where there are huge rocks and boulders for people to climb on and explore.

Harry knew his own limits and climbed some boulders but could not manage some of the climbs and jumps that his brother could. He did however crawl through a small tunnel in the rock, though his neck was quite sore afterwards. We took plenty of rest time for Harry to catch his breath and rest. The exercise he has had today has done him the world of good, he was so tired afterwards and needed Dad to shoulder him back to the car. So proud he tried his best, climbed the rocks and boulders and had lots of fun in doing so.... Well done Harry....

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