Thursday, 1 April 2010

Orthodontic - Teeth

I had a lovely letter from Mr Cook, Consultant Orthodontist, following Harry's appointment with him back in March..
As we already know Harry does present with a potential for quite severe overcrowding in both his jaws but thankfully no more intervention is needed at this time. Harry found having 4 teeth removed under general anesthetic quite upsetting last time and also with the failed incubation Im understandbly more nervous too as any future intervention requiring Harry to be incubated will mean he needs to be near the paediatirc intensive care unit to keep an extra eye on him. This is because Harry has an extremley small mouth & jaws. Harry doesnt have as many teeth as a normal kid his age so its a waiting game to see if and when they will come through. Mr Cook informed Harry that quite simply he has 'too many cars for the carpark' which is ironic as he does not have all his teeth through yet. Harry will no doubt have a long road ahead of him in terms of his teeth but he is being looked after by a group of amazing dentists and Orthodontist specialists so for the moment I am happy. Harry will see Mr Cook in 18 months time to see where we go from then.

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